HRA Ventilasjon AS is a ventilation installation company and part of the HRA Group which is located in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

About us

We value our customers and our customers’ time!

We have earned the trust of our clients by ensuring high quality of work and handling professionally in difficult challenges.

HRA Ventilasjon AS was established 25.09.2015 and we have since then been involved in construction projects. See more more under our references.

We offer high quality and well-trained labour.

We also offer project planning, material handling/ordering and taking part in meetings on behalf of our clients.

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Overview of some of our projects in Norway.

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In addition
2019 – Varnebygg Hurtigruten Stokmarkness
2019 – Gruve 7 Svalbard
2019 – UIT Narvik
2019 – Avinor – Airport Tromsø
2019 – Norrøna Barnehage Tromsø
2019 – Drytech Tromsø
2018 – KRAFT 2 Tromsø

2018 – Medisin- og helsefagbygget MH1 Tromsø
2018 – Bjerkaker Sjøpark blokk C og B Tromsø
2017 – Coop Prix Strandkanten Tromsø
2016 – Caterpillar Tromsø
2015 – NAV Tromsø
2012 – Jekta Storsenter Tromsø
2012 – Knausen Borettslag Tromsø

And many other projects.


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